Ever watched a video or attended a seminar that got you so motivated to get up and do whatever it is you wanted to do. “I’m going to wake up and go for that run”, etc. You’re amped at this point, REALLY motivated. How feel a few days later? Back to the same lazy person you were before, right?

We’ve all been there, repeatedly. Motivation is just a feeling.

Sure, being motivated gets you going, but DISCIPLINE keeps you going. Getting excited does not mean anything, DISCIPLINE gets sh*t done.

So you want to get things done? Plan for them, set goals, THEN COMMIT TO THEM, everyday.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started walking. I wake up every day and go for a walk. I’m aiming to make this a habit. Am I motivated every day? No, but I am committed to walking. So every day I get up and get it done.


Here’s how you can build discipline.


Set incremental goals

COMMIT to your goals

Get Sh*t done.

See Step 3.

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