When was the last time you had a conversation with a new member of a Crossfit Box? What did you happen to talk about? Their workouts, right? THAT’S ALL THEY TALK ABOUT. I totally love it, it ignites my fitness passion every single time.

I draw some inspiration from these conversations, because they remind me of a crucial aspect of my training, if your workout is no longer challenging, it will not change you.

You see this at the commercial gym, there’s always that one guy who is on treadmill day in and day out, same speed, barely any intensity, then complains about no progress.

At some point in your programming, you become that guy. Just going through the motion for the sake of exercising.

The next time you think about your workout, ask yourself

Does it scare me or make me nervous?
Did I feel triumphant after completing the workout?
Did I fail to complete my workout?
Did I hit any new PRs?

If your answers are no, perhaps it’s time to switch it up. Push yourself. Fall in love with your workouts.


The Transcendent – Motivational


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