You’ve probably heard this phrase before “Happiness depends upon ourselves”. A bit off topic, but I think we tend to not focus on our happiness as often as we should. I know I personally battle with this. We’re always setting new goals, new targets/objectives, etc.

How often do you take a step back, and actively focus on your happiness? When was the last time you looked back and admired the progress you’ve made thus far?

I invite you to reflect a bit this week. Yes, I know how hard losing that last 5kg is, but hey, you’ve already lost that 20kg. So high five yourself, you are probably happier for it.

Here are few tips to help boost your happiness.

“Above everything else, happiness should be your number 1 priority, the moment we lose our happiness, it feels like we’ve lost everything.”


Do at least 1 important thing everyday.

We all have our own definition of what “important” is:

Do something positive, help someone, write, etc. Whatever it is, do it, everyday.


Play more. Life is a game.

Enjoy yourself, no point taking yourself too seriously all the time. Learn to laugh, laugh at yourself more.


You are your worst critic, so go easy on yourself.

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