Every now and again, I run into someone who’ll tell me about how they dragged themselves to gym. It’s never out of excitement, more like detention (or principal’s office for a good and proper thrashing). You see these people come and go every other season, whether it’s in the form of “#NewYearNewMe” or “#summerBodies” phase, mostly the same result, they never last.


What I’ve realised about most people who make all kinds of creative excuses on how they do not have time to exercise, they generally hate doing it.


Here’s the thing though, there are plenty of different forms of exercising, finding one you like is the key to your success. Ask me to go to a yoga class or run, and you’re asking me to use you as weight for my next deadlift. Those forms are SERIOUSLY not for me.


Find what form of exercise you enjoy, and you’ll soon find yourself making excuses to get out of whatever is between you and your next workout.


Here are a few some tips to help you find what you enjoy:

  • Make it a habit Set some non-negotiable time aside every day to exercise. Put it in your calendar. Make it a priority. ALWAYS show up to the meeting.
  • Set Goals – I’m not asking you to set a “lose 10kg in 2 months”, that’s setting yourself up for failure. Believe it or not, weight loss is a result, not an action. Focus more on eating clean, and exercising regularly. You are not in direct control of your weight loss. Set challenges for yourself. Join a 30 day program. Avoiding “winging” it.
  • Experiment – To find what you enjoy, you have to try EVERYTHING. Cycle, lift, run (yes, run), attend a yoga class perhaps. Go for a free Crossfit Class. You will eventually find your “it”.
  • Track your progress – A few things will bring you more joy than besting yourself. Keeping a record is one of the most effective way to track your progress. There are plenty of apps that will help make this relatively easy.


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