Meal prepping, I have a love hate relationship with this concept. On the one hand, it makes sense to have all your meals prepared for the coming week, right? On the other hand, clean eating can become a bit tedious, and somehow preparing similar meals for an entire week does get monotonous, especially if you have the need to enjoy your meals.

I’ve decided to put myself through it again, to see if I would change my opinion about it (last time ended abruptly, I didn’t make it to the end of the week). I personally battle with the idea of meal prepping every week, for the rest of my life. I also wonder how practical it would be for a family of, say 5 people.


  • Helps you avoid unhealthy choices. Let’s face it, there will be days when you do not feel like cooking.
  • Time and money saving. Buying food in bulk does ultimately save you some money.
  • Avoid the “What’s for dinner” question.
  • Controls comfort eating.


  • Cooking for an entire week takes a lot of effort, it can become a bit overwhelming. You have to spend most of a day in the kitchen.
  • Hard to maintain. Most people who have chosen this option eventually abandon it.
  • If you limit your variety, you tend to hate your meals after some time. There’s only so much of chicken breasts one person can stomach.
  • Plastic containers!!!!! Those meals have to be packaged. I had to buy quite a bit of containers for this experiment.
  • If you enjoy cooking, this will definitely ruin cooking for you.

There are a lot of benefits in preparing your meals in advance, so find what works for you. Planning 3 or 4 meals in advance is highly recommended.


I would like you hear about your meal preps. If you have recipes, please share.

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