Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

A guy picks up the heaviest barbell on the rack for some bicep curls. He proceeds to perform an exercise that slightly resembles a bicep curl, but could easily pass as a new dance craze (who can keep up these days, right?). Quads are involved, the back bent so far back it looks like a reverse superman.

I am very familiar with this gym dude, heck, used to be one of them. This is the type of guy who takes gym selfies (I will address this one some other time) in between sets, the hashtag “beastmode” type of guy (you get tempted to reply “No, just regular guy mode. calm down.”).

Ego lifting is probably the most ineffective, and downright dangerous form of exercise. All you achieve doing this is an injury. The most common reason why this happensĀ is to try and impress people in the gym.

Why would want to do this to yourself? Thought the point of working out was to become the best version of yourself.


It is important to remember that you are competing ONLY against yourself. Just because your fellow gym rat bench presses 100kg is not an invitation for you to bump your weight to match theirs.

Focus on why you are at the gym. Focus on results. You there to push yourself. There is no need to put yourself at risk.


Leave your ego in your locker room, your body will thank you.


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