Ok, so you’ve been at it, being active, getting it done, getting stronger. At some point during your journey, you eventually hit a wall. You reach that point where your routine starts to feel a little stale, progress slow. What does one do then? Well, shake things up.

Join a fitness challenge!!

Challenges are the best way for me to shake things up. You get to pin yourself up against a few people (even if the challenge is non-competitive). You get to test yourself physically and mentally. No greater thing than realising your body can endure a lot more that you thought it could.

Challenges always ignite my fire, I cannot wait to be broken, and go back for seconds. I come out the other side feeling stronger, fitter, better. You stop focusing on numbers and appearances and focus on just getting it done, pushing through, one rep at a time.

So go out there and join a challenge today. Thank me later.

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