I’ve always had the mentality that, since I don’t intend to ever be on the cover of a fitness magazine, I do not need to train or look like I belong on one.
The reasoning was intended to strike a balance between a healthy lifestyle, and my indulgences (If you know me, you know about my current obsession, Craft Beer).

What I did not realise, however, is how low I was setting the bar for myself. From the get go, I had set the best result at, well, average.

That’s what I had been aiming for.

Can you imagine how much of a mediocre life you’d have if your best possible result was Average?! Never mind the stars or the ceiling, the table is where I was aiming to land. The table!!!

You have to set the bar as high as possible if you plan on succeeding. You have to train and eat like you have a cover shoot sometime in the distant future. Our brain will never aim for goals higher than what you aim for.

Time to stop being average, being average is for sheep.

Are you sheep?

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