“I just don’t have the time”. That has to be the number hit songs of all time. How many times have you heard this gem? How many times have you used it?

Here’s the thing, though, that answer is actually correct. You ARE right. The only problem is, though, it’s the right answer to a wrong equation. If you have to find time to work out, your allocation of time is incorrect.

For most of us (including me at times), training is an afterthought. You know, that one thing you have to do at the end of the day (and whoever gets time left over, right?).

In the book Richest Man In Babylon, we’re taught how to prioritise a portion of the money we make, a portion we keep, without fail (seriously, even if the roof is collapsing).

Got me thinking, what if we could apply the same principle to working out?

The normal equation looks like this:
Workout Time=Awake time – Work (including travel time, which is nightmare) – Family – [ insert favourite show(s) ] – [insert social media] – Time spent contemplating working out

Here’s what I have in mind:
Leisure Time = Workout Time – Family – work – (you get the idea)

Yes, I’ve put workout time BEFORE anything else. No, I’m not crazy.

Wouldn’t you rather be there when you spend time with our family, or at work? Instead of half-awake zombie mode, most of us operate in all day?

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