I used to upload some of my workouts on Instagram some time ago. Just seemed like there was a gap for home workout videos or videos that didn’t seem like they required a production crew to put together.

I wanted to share my workout for those who do not have access to a gym or simply preferred to workout at home. Due to injury, had to stop making these videos.

I have somewhat recovered now, well enough to start shooting again, so I did. To my dismay, the camera had added like 10 pounds!

“The camera doesn’t add 10 pounds, you’re just fat” is the first thing that came to my mind. The first thing! (I tell you, if anyone ever talked to you the way you do, you’d punched them in the face) 

There are times, more often than not, that we tend to be our worst critic. We tend to focus on the destination, and completely ignore the journey. Yet, with health and fitness there never truly is an “after”. If you are ripped for 3 months, then gain all the weight back, you’re overweight again. You’ll never hear people say “Well, at least you were shredded that one time”.

This relationship you have with yourself is a journey worth traveling, full of wins and losses.

Enjoy the ride.

Psst, look out for the video, definitely posting it.

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