You may have noticed that our products are branded now.

You may be wondering why “BeFit” and not “Berriefitness”.

BeFit, to us, is a call to action, it is a reminder. We’re hoping every time you see it, you remember the journey you’re on. This is not about a flat stomach, abs (I know, who doesn’t want that right?) or a great ass.

This is much bigger than that. This is about improving the quality of your life. This a call to action to get off that couch, to run that 5km, to lift that heavy (insert whatever heavy thing you need to lift here. Yes, shit is appropriate I feel).

You are better than where you are right now. You can push a little bit more.

You can, and should always strive to, be fit.

That’s why.

Oh yeah, let’s all have a kickass year. Yes?

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