What if I told you the fundamental reason you started your fitness journey was a predetermining factor of whether or not your journey will become a lifestyle or a temporary band-aid that will eventually fall off?

We all have a reason why we decided to change our lives, these range from breakups to being emotionally blackmailed into doing it.

Amongst my reasons: Somehow managed to convince a girl who was so out of my league, by at least two points, to go out with me. Figured I’d at least bump my score up before she regained her senses.

Luckily though, this wasn’t the most important reason. I did for my health, to feel good about myself again and of course, to look good.

These reasons were and are constants for me, they are my guiding compass.

BJ Gaddour, former fitness director at Men’s Health once posted on Instagram (do yourself a favour and follow this guy) about how his unhappy days at Men’s Health. The man was possibly in the best shape of his life, yet he was so body conscious, moody and unhappy.

Why are you doing it?

And the girl? Turns out she’s still crazy. Lucky me.

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