Love your earthy possession

We all have that one earthly possession that we love (or like,…really hard). Some, it’s their car. Others, designer handbag.

These items receive that special attention.

Regardless of the fuel price (which, let’s face it, cost more than the car these days), we still order the more expensive “performance” kind, because “only the finest for my baby”.
As soon as the service light comes on, off we go to service our “baby”.

We’ve all seen those “too good to be on the floor” bags, the ground will never be so lucky.

You know what I’m talking about right?!

You get the level of affection I’m referring to? Now; I’d like you to love your body just as hard.
Your body is the most valuable earthly possession you’ll ever have.

Take care of it.

Put the right fuel in it.

Service it.

For the love of everything, put it on the table (elbows off though, we’re not savages).

It’s a high-performance vehicle. Take it for a spin, you’ll see.

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