Came across a friend’s “rice cakes” post on social media the other day. I normally choose to stay in my swim lane when it comes to nutrition, partly because my eating habits are a bit of a mess right now (this of course, is an understatement).

However, what I saw was rice cakes, and we all know that one bro code; “friends don’t let friends eat rice cakes”.

The conversation ended up with us sharing tips about nutrition, so I figured perhaps I ought to share some with you.

Here are some guidelines I try to adhere to:

  • Don’t eat rice cakes. Before you go off at about “what if I enjoy them”,…no-one like rice cakes. I don’t even know why they are a thing. Care to explain yourself China?!
  • Unless you plan on being on a cover of a magazine, finding a healthier version of something you like is a good idea. For instance, find a low carb bread alternative that you can make yourself at home. If, however, you do plan to be on a cover, chicken breasts and broccoli are your friends.
  • Always think lifestyle, not diet. Don’t get me started with “12-day cleanse” nonsense. Your body cleanses itself, there’s nothing your celery/ broccoli/cucumber juice is going to do that your body can’t take care of. Stop torturing yourself.
  • Reduce your carb intake. There’s nothing much I can say about this. So just do it. Replace your rice with cauliflower. Yeah, it’s not rice, but if you can remember that one time you pretended to like something you didn’t like, then you can do this.
  • Have one “cheat meal”. Diarise this meal, because it’s important. If you’re tempted before the meal, remind yourself of this appointment, but don’t change it. And yes, having a cheat meal during the week is a very bad idea.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb. If you do not see yourself eating something for longer than 6 months, you probably shouldn’t start in the first place. I know you feel bad, you’ve been indulging for a while, but that’s done now, and besides, you enjoyed yourself.

Did I tell you about that one time I tried to be vegan for 2 weeks?

Always think long-term, always.

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